7 Eleven

It’s janky, late-night, rough around the edges and always there for you. It’s about munchies, boredom, hot dog selection and slurpies. It’s big gulps, scratch-its, beer pong balls and drunk kids. It has bums, frat guys, hot chicks, tech nerds, light night studiers, gamers, old creeps, any just about everyone has been in one at some point in life. It’s 7 Eleven.

This is a brief. It’s not on paper. We didn’t write it down. We collaborated and made you a multimedia piece. Introducing…. 7 Eleven. Enjoy! (and get to work… you have until Sunday. Let’s go.)

“This is HUGE!”

Film by Kim Karalekas 
Photos by Gabe Toth-Fejel
Production by Ashly Stewart

3 thoughts on “7 Eleven

  1. I think you cameo and green hands was one of my favorite parts! (= Can’t wait to make the video…and speaking of videos…I loved your AHA “application” video (=

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