A Few Days In Colorado

A month or so back I spent a few days in Colorado – had a great time! A few observations / thoughts…

Coming from Austin, I was FREEZING the entire time. 1 1/2 years in Texas and suddenly I can’t handle any temp. under 60 degrees. (;

Boulder reminds me of a mix between Eugene and Portland.

While in downtown Denver & Boulder, I felt as if I was walking around one of those little cities found inside a snow globe.

Some photos I took from the trip:

Cam across this self serving bike kiosk on the University of Colorado campus. By no means am I a biker (I know my weaknesses and me attempting to bike would just have a sad, sad ending), but I still enjoyed knowing that CU is bike friendly / “green”.

Walk sign with a twist:

Did a little geo-cacheing in Boulder:

There were mini outdoor ice rinks all over downtown Boulder & Denver. So cute!

Lots of neat statues. Including this guy:

I’ve noticed that many towns have downtown art displays, where various artists paint their own idea on the same item. (such as the horses I found I Kentucky).

Well, in Colorado, I found a bunch of painted pianos downtown! It was AWESOME. Why? Because people could play these pianos…and they did! You know how awesome it was to be walking around downtown and to see a random person sit down at a piano and go to town? Such as the guy in the pic below?? Love it.

Spent an afternoon in Golden:

At lunch, I ordered a hamburger and it was served with an apple! There’s a first for everything I suppose!

Walked around downtown and came across this sign:

All in all a great trip and solid 1st Colorado experience!

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