A new approach to social media? We call it Ecology.

Twitter prompts “What are you doing?” Facebook asks “What’s on your mind?” Should we be surprised that people produce a stream of self-absorbed updates?

We are more connected than ever, but are we really connecting?  What if we could organize people around ideas, rather than a stream of personal updates?

We call it Ecology.  Ecology transforms the current concept of social media from a one-way model of personal projection and shallow conversation into a two-way platform of idea generation and worthwhile conversation.  The Ecology model uses a tree metaphor to demonstrate a more effective social media structure that is more organic, visual, and organized.

This is a work in progress Ashly, Michael and I have been developing this past year.  What do you think? Feedback? Ideas?

Here’s a link to our Ecology book.

Here’s the video:

3 thoughts on “A new approach to social media? We call it Ecology.

  1. What a clever, well thought out, beautifully presented idea. Gee, why, my last term at the j-school do I start to see all this amazing stuff coming out of the Ad sequence? I have been spending too much time in an edit bay. I wish all j-school sequences fostered such creativity. Anyway, keep up good work. You guys are inspiring.

    -an Electronic Media kid

    1. Well, thank you (= That’s a huge compliment and I really appreciate it! I wish I had another year at the J. school because I agree with you – this has been a really wonderful and quite amazing year for the ad. program…but it shouldn’t stop there! I would have loved to work more with j. school kids from different tracks – imagine the even more amazing stuff we could produce if j. schoolers from all tracks/specialties collaborated and produced amazing work??

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