A Quick Trip To Portland

I returned from Argentina on Monday & left for Portland four days later. Arrived into PDX quite late on Friday, took the Max, grabbed a quick bite to eat and CRASHED.

Saturday! It was such a beautiful day – I guess it was the first day of sunshine after 327 years of drizzly gray cloudy skies, meaning EVERYONE was outside. It reminded me of that 1st “warm” (60 degrees) sunny day at UO. the population of students on campus seemed to quadrupled as everyone was outside, literally just sitting there on the lawns/benches/sidewalks/patios/anywhere, soaking in the sunshiney goodness.

ANYWAY, we began the day off with breakfast at Mother’s. I had the best reuben sandwich of my life:

David had a pretty bomb.com waffle:

After breakfast, we walked down to the Saturday market! It’s funny how you don’t do certain (really awesome) things when you live in a place…I suppose the novelty isn’t quite there…but still! I had almost forgotten how awesome the Portland Saturday Market was…hadn’t been since I was a kid!

Lots of hand-made stuff, art, food, solid people watching, and the heart in Oregon sticker booth!!!

Also passed this guy. Oh, Portlanders:

Jamison Square Park. Like a said…first sunny day and people come out of the woodworks:

Passed one of the Portland Loos (a series of solar-paneled public toilets in the downtown area):

Got on the street car a few blocks later (have I yet mentioned how much I love Portland public transportation?? Austin…take note!). Anyway, a stop after we got on, a lady got on the street car pulling a basket…with two poodle looking dogs. Interesting:

How can you not love downtown Portland?

Burgers! Some of you might be aware of my mild obsession with hamburgers – we ate here at Little Big Burger and it was pretty good.

However, the real reason for taking this picture, the man wearing a ninja turtle backpack:

Anyway, spent the evening Saturday and all day Sunday with family & friends. By Monday, we were already back on a plane to Austin! Short but solid weekend.

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