A Weekend In San Miguel

Has it really been a week since I’ve updated?! I used to be so good! As time progresses, things continue to get more and more busy and I forget to keep up!

This past week went well. We had our final presentations in 318 (we are starting 319 next week! Yikes!). Alisyn and I put a TON of work into our project. I think Pati liked it, but I guess we’ll see when we get the grade back. We read and analyzed the first act of the play La Verdad Sospechosa by Juan Ruiz Alarcon. Good play,but 20 pages in Spanish (from th 17th century mind you) to read and turn into an hour presentation takes a bit of work! I’m glad that it is over (at least for now!)

Classes other than that were normal. We went to the orphanage on Tuesday. Alisyn and I gave ourselves an hour from ninos y ninas to get to cooking class on time…long story short, we got lost on the busses for 2 hours and completely missed the cooking class…again. We took one bus all the way out to no mans land, Queretaro and had to find some other bus to take us back to town. Luckily a bus driver helped us…he was still on his lunch break so we got on the bus and just kinda hung out unil he finished his tortilla. Sketch – apparently they start the bus by getting out and turning it on from the outside with a WRENCH. No worries though, the guy was nice and when Alisyn requested he played Selena, he gladly popped her CD in! Made the hour bus ride back a little more enjoyable.

Thursday night was dance class…we learned more Cumbia! Again, so much fun! I think I am going to learn Salsa soon! I love it!

Friday right after class we left for San Miguel de Allende.

Here we are – just finished class at the UAQ – heading for the bus to San Miguel!

We spent the weekend there in a hostel…my first time in a hostel…it actually wasn’t bad. Upon arrival, everyone seemed to get sick. 3 people couldn’t come because they were too sick. As soon as we got there, Christine had to take Elizabeth to the clinic and Torin to the hospital the next day. In the middle of the night last night Christine almost had to go the hospital herself. Besides there, pretty much everyone else was on some sort of medication beside me. I don’t know why I have been so lucky because I have not even had the slightest of ailments (knock on wood) but lets hope it stays that way. On Saturday we went to the most beautiful hot springs located about 20 minutes outside of town. The naturally warm water pools were located in a beautiful wooded beautiful nature setting. There was a second pool which had a dark narrow tunnel connected. As you swam deeper into the tunnel, the water became hotter until you reached an enclosed circular pool with seaming hot water – with one ray on light shining through. It was absolutely beautiful.

Until our return, we went our and bought cake mix to bake back at the hostel – yellow cake with chocolate frosting! Even though the kitchen/oven smelled un poquito SKETCH it was nice to bake!!

That night we went out to a club with the most amazing band! I would best describe the music as a combo of funk and hip hop – ah they were AMAZING. We listened to/danced to their music all night and it was amazing! On the walk home at 1 am there were a handful of mariachi bands playing in the streets with a bunch of Mexicans surrounding them listening. Well, Jesse decides that we should dance so he grabs me and we start dancing in the street!

It was so funny – we were the only two dancing in the street and all of a sudden, all the Mexicans start clapping to the beat and yelling “ay! Ay! Ay!” So much fun!

This morning before we left we went to a little street market which I loved! They had the most beautiful marquisate jewelry and the most beautiful pottery. I am so sad I didn’t get to buy any because I didn’t have enough money on me at the time PLUS, I had making impulse purchases like that. I would LOVE to go back to San Miguel…mom and dad, I think you would LOVE it there…only an hour trip away from Querétaro!!! Something to think about…


One thought on “A Weekend In San Miguel

  1. Dear Kim! Not only your mom and dad, but me too: worried about you all the time! I know, I know, I know you are a careful girl, but please stay out of trouble and be careful. This crime is every where, here in Montreal or Salem, but……I would like to sleep easier. Why I worried? Because I love you. Give my best wishes to all of your friend, Elisabeth too.
    My blog site is not ready, but soon! Love Leslie.

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