Americans Could Benefit From Drinking More

Today I only had one class in the morning from 9 – 10 am! Sam’s host mom had gone to Mex. City for the day so we went back to her house and hung out.

After trying to work the washing machine for a ½ hour (no exaggeration) we made ourselves tortillas and watched some tv. Quick sidenote…for the most part I love the food here, but gosh do I hate corn tortillas! I guess that is ok since they are made from lard, but ugh. Flour tortillas are definitely the way to go!

At 4:30 Sam and I met the rest of our art history class at Gabi’s school. We proceeded to an art museum where our teacher took the six of us on a tour for our class today. It was quite interesting. The most interesting thing to me had to do with a doorway. In the museum there is a tiny arched doorway into another room. We learned the reason that the door is so small is so that when passing through, people were forced to bow in order to get through. This way, people had no choice but to bow to the gods.

Class ended at 6:30 where we proceeded to go to an internet café. I had a drink which honestly tasted like vanilla frosting in a glass. It was so ridiculously rich, I could hardly handle it. It was under the “skinny” menu but I have serious doubts that it was even partially healthy in any way shape or form.

After the café, we met up with Elizabeth, Sheri, Dan, and Torrin and went to a bar for a little bit. This may sound weird, but I love that drinking is such a huge part of this culture. I feel that because drinking is so – guarded I suppose – in the United States, when people do decide to drink (especially people my age), it gets out of hand. However, because drinking here is so prominent, it is no big deal to go out for a drink or two with some friends. It is so much nicer and although people will get drunk anywhere, I feel that the novelty here isn’t as prominent because people can basically drink whenever they want.

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