An Unexpected Fiesta

I took the bus again alone today except for it wasn’t as smooth. Let’s just say I felt like I was on the crazy bus from Harry Potter and my “gringa-ness” definitely came through. Mastering the Mexican bus system – everything from driving to riding is quite a tedious task. Even though I don’t enjoy the transportation system, I give major kudos to those who survive it day in and day out.

Class went well today. I had 318, composition, and art history in the afternoon.

Yesterday Nacho and Maruca invited Sam over for comida today. We got home around 12 and they said comida would be around 2:30 or 3 which is perfect b/c we have to leave for gabi’s school at 4. Well, we are upstairs doing our homework and watching tv what seems like forever. It gets to be 2:30…2:45…3:00 and no one has come to get us for food. We decided to venture downstairs to figure out the plans for comida. WELL, we down down and out to the side room, only to find A FIESTA. The tables are covered in food, drinks, pastries, and tons of people!!! They failed to mention to me that there would be a fiesta taking place at our house this afternoon. Also, when Sam told her host parents she was invited over for comida today, they said nothing about a party, even though they were two of the guests. When we realized what was going on, I think we were both too shocked to do anything, so we just kinda said hello, sat down wide-eyed, in complete shock until it was time to leave for school roughly 20 minutes later.

Speaking of cake, I feel as though we have enough cake to feel a small army right now. We have white cake, apple pie, cookies, donuts, jello, flan, another two cakes not even touched yet, along with one or two other pastries. It’s ridiculous! Too bad no one made brownies, cake cookies, or ice cream cake! (= Just kidding.

After class I went to an café with wireless with Sam, Elizabeth, and Ali for a bit. Finally had the opportunity to read the news from I feel so isolated and disconnected from the world while I am here because I don’t have access to a daily newspaper. I will just have to make a point to read the news as frequently as possible.

Speaking of news, I was reading about the wildfires in Greece – not good. I hope they are able to take care of that sooner than later. I know not only were they having problems with the fire, but for whatever reason, the government is having difficulties reacting to this problem which only makes it worst. Did I also read that there was an earthquake there within the past few days or no?

Well, Sam and I started a exercise routine. We are beginning with 40 situps and 10 pushups a night. Each week we will increase the situps by 10 and the pushups by five. Day two and so far so good (= Beginning next week we’re going to begin running/walking in the mornings. I really really would love to pick up pilates again. I am so sore and tight. I took pilates freshman year and I LOVED it because I felt so relaxed and “noodle-ey” for a lack of better words.

Anyway, mom and dad, I am sorry I have not been more consistent with calling. It seems that when it is a good time for me, it’s not for you and vice versa. Same with online…when I’m there, you are not. Hopefully we can figure out a system soon.

Well, I am tired. Last night I woke up at 2 and was still up at 3 regardless of what I tried to do to sleep. It got to 3:15 and I still couldn’t sleep, so I though to myself…well, might as well do homework – kill two birds with one stone. I figured I could do my homework to get is finished #1 and my #2 reason was that hw usually puts me to sleep, so it might help in this instance too. I tried, but with no avail. I finally got to sleep around 4, but had to wake up at 5:45 for school and today, I didn’t have time for a siesta!

Well, that’s ok. Things here are going great and I need to go finish my tarea. Gross. Hasta luego!!!

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