Anecdotes From The Road

It’s funny because some of the shuttle drivers at Austin Bergstrom have begun to recognize me…one even asked if I come to the airport to ride the shuttles for fun… I replied, “Uhhh…well yea, doesn’t everyone do that??” We both got a good laugh.

Morning arrives, I leave bright & early! Beautiful sunny day & SO thankful to be on the non-busy side of MoPac for once. (I think anyone in Austin who must take MoPac or 35 can relate!)

There have been many things I’ve passed while driving that make me think to myself: “…Hmm.well, that’s interesting…” Such as this truck with a little stuffed animal man teathered to the back:

There are also many little things I never cared about / noticed…but now make all the difference in the world. Such as a rental car with an AUX port and car charger. And cruise control. (=

When selecting a rental car, I also never though I’d base my decision on the car keys.  However, because upon arrival I have about 12 taped shut boxes waiting to be opened… and because scissors always seem to be nonexistent at this exact moment, a “good” set of keys is worth its weight in gold.

What makes a good set of keys, you might ask? If you take a look at this set of keys – no bueno. Why? The big key has potential because it’s thick and longer, however untimately fails because there are no sharp edges to cut through tape / stickers. The little keys aren’t long enough and are too thin. Keychain fail.

(…and in case you’re curious…the Corolla, so far, has had the best set of keys.)

I never thought I’d get so excited about pavement / asphault quality. However now, getting on a stretch of road such as the one below (potholes, uneven surface, random patches of new road) drives me BATTY!

I hate to admit the extent I depend on Google Maps…but it is what it is. And I do. And had there not been Google Maps, I’d probably still be trying to find my way out of the Appalachian region.

2 thoughts on “Anecdotes From The Road

  1. I recognize that Goog Map screen shot…I’d know those loops anywhere. And just by coincidence, KS and I also had a bit of a love fest with a Corolla whilst in Portland. Very nice get up ‘n go, and the key wasn’t bad either.

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