Anime Convenions, Food Trailers & Recycled Bows

Nothing hugely profound or “aha” moments to report, just some pics of things I’ve been up to.

I enjoy reading blog posts about what people are actually DOING than posts with generic and impersonal content.

I know this will be shocking, but I was also inspired to write this post from a quote I recently read on Paul Isakson’s blog:

“… go out and just be in the world that you’re in. See it. Keep your eyes open and really relate to what you’re seeing. React to what you’re seeing.

So I went out in the world (of Austin) and came across some neat things.

Here’s a person just walking downtown on a Sunday, dressed up head to toe in an anime costume. I saw a handful of life size anime around this hotel downtown, so my curiosity got the best of me and I called the hotel to see what was going down.

I learned that Austin hosts an annual Anime and Japanese pop-culture convention called Ikkicon & part of the convention is anime roll-playing. Who knew?

Gift wrap has always been a funny concept to me. We essentially are buying something, just so we can throw it out. (Same ideas as plastic bags). I say: if you need to wrap something, why not use resources you already have? Which is why I have begin wrapping gifts with newspaper. BUT, since newspaper isn’t as pretty as gift wrap, I became crafty. 

I geocached!

Delicious grilled cheese & fried pickles from Ugly Banjo:

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