Another Day Living in Mexico

Today was so laid back and I loved it! I was running late for whatever reason and just was dreading going to 318 at 8 am this morning. God must have read my mind because ten minutes before I left for school, Christine called to tell us that Pati was sick and my 8 class was canceled!

Because my next class wasn’t until 11:45, I basically had the whole morning to do whatever I wanted to. Amazing how much stuff I can get finished if I put my mind to it. I finished and proofread my two papers due this week. I cleaned and organized my room. I too a siesta. I listened to music and read my book. Lots of stuff was accomplished in this time and I still had extra time – it’s weird to have so much free time!

At 11 am Sam and I took the bus to school…had class from 11:45 – 1:15 (Cross Cultural Seminar). I really do love this class. Our next cross cultural class we’re taking a fieldtrip to a market! I’m so excited!

Sam and I went to the computer lab, printed off our papers and took the bus back home.

For comida we had carrots with broccoli, black beans, rice, and chicken with cactus! I had never tried cactus before, but I am really enjoying it!

At 4, Sam and I walked to Gabi’s school (we left the house wearing sunglasses, and by the time we arrived, it was POURING.

Soaking wet. Dirty feet. Completely drenched. All within about 30 seconds!

We walked to the café afterwards and now here we are, at the internet café, doing homework, updating blogs, and doing whatever else. Why the heck did I get so lucky with this experience?!?!

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