Antelope Canyon

I’ve always wanted visit the beautiful SW region of the U.S., but for one reason or another, it’s never come to fruition. Until recently.

A friend’s move from Austin to Portland sparked the trip. As he was outlining details of the drive, he mentioned stopping to hike/explore along the way. Hmmm. This is where the wheels began to turn. Without giving it too much thought, I suggested he would probably need a co-pilot, you know, for safety, so maybe I should join the trip. (: The rest is history!

Due to scheduling and work, I couldn’t do the entire drive, so we calculated Vegas as the best point to part ways. Here’s the route:

We reached Antelope Canyon on day 2 and opted to explore Lower Antelope Canyon. (You are required to tour the canyons with a tour operator. We chose Ken’s Tours and would highly recommend!) 

Wow, was it beautiful! Pictures we captured on the tour:

Antelope Canyon far exceeded our expectations and I wish we would have had more time to explore.

After the tour, we had a few more hours of sunlight, so we decided to explore the area a little more. We hiked down, checked out Lake Powell and had a cute little patio dinner on the lake’s edge. We also checked out the Glen Canyon Dam and a few other overlooks which were absolutely beautiful: