are we business savvy and socially naïve?

I came across an article from CNN entitled: Are you ready for the future?

For me, the main takeaway of this article is the notion that everyone needs to incorporate big picture thinking into decision and policy making.

“The future of the human race is too important to leave to politicians and corporations,” says Reed. “A scientifically educated global population will help us focus on the truly important problems, such as energy – arguably the most important crisis we as a species will face – instead of wasting efforts on petty squabbles for short term economic and political gain.”

We have made some pretty amazing discoveries and technological advancements in recent years.  However, just because we have the ability to do something, does not mean it should be done – in my opinion, I really question the practical application and holistic benefit of how we have been and plan to use our knowledge.

“Though technology may be beneficial in many ways and we humans may adapt both intellectually and physically,” says robotics expert Joanne Pransky, “I question our ability to emotionally, socially, and psychologically acclimate at the same exponential rate.

Again, this goes back to education – I really believe we have been taught to be business “savvy” and socially naïve.  To make smart decision, we must begin to think on a micro and macro level, both forward and backward, horizontally and vertically.

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