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If I had to name the most important advice/ biggest key to success I have been given thus far in my college career, heck in my 21 years, I have to say it is as simple as 2 small words: BE INTERESTING. Last year Russell Davies visited UO and spoke of this topic. This past week in my advertising class and again in our ad society meeting the topic of being interesting was brought to the table. Sure, grades are important and a good transcript is nice, but what does that really show? How well you can memorize answers for a test? How good you are at regurgitating information you will forget five minutes after the exam has passed? I suppose that is a neat skill to possess, but man, if that is all you have to offer – how boring!

Sure good grades are wonderful, but is that really what makes a person? Is that an accurate representation of one’s work ethic, personality and passions? How about that neat internship they had, the trip to China, random knowledge and interests, talents, experiences, relationships, philosophies, personality…to me this seems a whole heck of alot more representative and telling. Maybe I say this because I have don’t possess that wonderful talent of retaining information such as the difference between a Neanderthal and a Homo Erectus…

How to be interesting according to Russell Davies :

In short:

1. Always carry a camera, take at least one picture a day and post it to
2. Keep a scrapbook
3. Start a blog and write at least one sentence a week.
4. Record a 20 min. interview with someone, podcast it, make them interesting- once a month
5. Sit in a coffee shop for an hour and make notes on other people’s conversations.
6. Read a magazine every week you’ve never read before and write 50 words about what you’ve learned.
7. Collect something
8. Make something
9. Every month write 50 words about one piece of art, music, piece of film or TV.
10. Talk to your parents.

Just something to wrap your mind around.

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