Big Band at the Arthouse

This past weekend I checked out Graham Hudson’s “Rehearsal at the Astoria” exhibit at the Arthouse Museum. I would write about the experience in my own words…but since it’s already been described so beautifully on the Arthouse website, I pulled snippets of the description that resonated w me most…

Hudson brings the Astoria back to life by reconstructing a portion of its historic architectural plan in ghost-like scaffolding. . . Hudson’s Astoria is offered up to musicians from Austin and beyond to use as a free rehearsal space during its ten-week reincarnation.

Hudson’s installation is essentially a living, breathing sculpture.

Hudson’s caveat . . . this Astoria’s stage only be used for rehearsals, not formal concerts or performances. Furthermore, all rehearsals are open to the public, which allows for a new perspective on the creative process

For Hudson, the rehearsal is infinitely more interesting than the finished performance

Hudson’s aim is to reveal how all artistic disciplines—from sculpture to music—share a common creative process characterized by experimentation, trial and error, and practice. The environment he has created is a space where mistakes—the unexpected and the beautiful—can be transformed into art, both literally and figuratively.”


The group I went to watch rehearse this past Sunday was The Vendetta Big Band and they were wonderful.

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