Buenos Aires

“…go out and just be in the world you’re in. See it. Keep your eyes open and really relate to what you’re seeing. React to what you’re seeing.”

I’d have to say, there’s nothing more invigorating than traveling to a new place, people watching, exploring, observing & documenting it all. It’s the small things, the idiosyncrasies of other cultures that I find so intriguing.

I was lucky enough to spend some time in Argentina a few weeks back and geez, what an incredible opportunity it was. The beauty of the country, the culture, the architecture, the history, the people…wow. iFue increíble!

I took quite a few photos and video during my time in Argentina and will be sharing these in a series of upcoming posts. [ As a documentation fiend, I of course would never leave home without my camera in hand! (: ]

The first post: My First Day In Buenos Aires!

Our trip began with some pretty wild flight delays / cancelations / overbookings / etc. A few minutes shy of 40 hours from the time we departed Austin, we finally arrived in Buenos Aires!

Upon arrival in Buenos Aires, we made a fairly quick and painless trip through immigration, claimed our luggage and made our way to the international arrival hall. We walked through the gates and saw a man holding a sign with my name…looks like this was our driver! His name was Alejandro, we said a quick hello, he took our bags and we were off to the car!

We drove for about 20 minutes to our housing, which was just a few blocks from the API Center. The apartment is wonderful – more than enough yet affordable, and has a beautiful 5th floor view, overlooking the surrounding neighborhood.

After getting situated, we headed to meet up with Carmen, our wonderful Buenos Aires Resident Director!

Today we were to join our students on an excursion; however, because our travel debacle pushed our arrival back a day, plans had to change. Bummer, but it is what it is! We spent the rest of the afternoon familiarizing ourselves with the neighborhood near the API Center. It honestly reminded me quite a bit of the streets of Athens. My colleague Karen said she was reminded of Paris & Barcelona…

During our exploration, we took a break for lunch. Something I noticed and really loved? There were people sitting at the cafe…just sitting…or just reading…or just soaking in some sun. I must say, as a work-a-holic, it can be quite refreshing to witness people placing value in slowing down and taking a bit of time to relax (as we all should!).

The meal began with some delicious rolls. I quickly learned that many of my meals in Buenos Aires would begin with some form of bread.

Something else I noticed right off the bat? Soda in glass bottles!

Here is the food I ordered. Hand-made fettucini in some sort of butter & garlic sauce. Sooo good:

After lunch we walked to the Recoleta Cemetery…incredible architecture:

Passed these two cars along the way…looked like they were kissing, so I documented. (:

There was also a decent sized artisans’ market near Recoleta – handmade purses, books, jewelry, artwork…you name it! The market had a very bohemian, almost hippie feel. It certainly reminded me of the Saturday market back home in Portland! In addition to the artisans, there were also musicians, performers…

tin men & fortune tellers? Apparently so! You can see the man on the left is dressed in some sort of foil outfit, and the woman sitting on the right had a sign that said something to the effect of: “Get Your Fortune Told!” I have to assume the lady giving her a hug had just received a good fortune…

We continued on and came across a beautiful church…the details are all so intricate!

After leaving the church, we walked through the famous Recoleta Cemetery. Truly was breathtaking:

At this point, we were pretty exhausted so we decided to begin our treck back home, but not before coming across this group…

Day 1 complete, more adventures to come…

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