Burger Quest: Lardo PDX

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Today we took the Burger Quest to the east side to Lardo!

Meat 7 / 10
Double patty plus porkstrami. The flavor was good, but it was just too much meat for me. I’m a fan of the single patty and no other meat on the burger. The menu didn’t list if the burger is grass-fed beef or not and for me, this is important to know!

Bun – 7 / 10
I like that the bun tasted slightly toasted but wish it was a little smaller – too much bread for my taste!

Burger : bun ration – 6 / 10
While there was a ton of meat and a ton of bun on this burger, the bun still outweighed the patty in terms of ratio. Wish it was a little closer to 1:1!

Toppings – 7 / 10
Tasted great, good ratio of toppings to the rest of the burger. I would have loved for the menu to list whether the toppings were organic, local, etc. I like the added pickle on top. (:

Condiments – 6 / 10
Nothing that stood out in either direction.

Logistics – 6 / 10
This burger was a bit of a logistical challenge! I prefer more horizontal burgers to the vertical burgers, even though the vertical burgers look neat. (: Between the double patty and giant bun and shredded lettuce, this burger got a wee bit messy, but nothing any decent burger connoisseur couldn’t handle. (:

Fries – 6/10
Not too large, not too small, perfect size! A *tiny* bit on the too crispy side, but they were tasty. I could have done with a little less rosemary, but let’s keep in mind I’m a burger and fry purist so I like things as traditional as possible when it comes to my burgers and fries. (:

Total score: 45 / 70

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