Burger Quest

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As I wrote about eliminating gluten and dairy in a recent post, it only makes sense to write this post about eating burgers. To my credit, I did mention burgers as the exception so I’m sticking to that commitment. (:

How the Burger Quest came to be? Several years ago, the search for Austin’s best burger began. Initially, there were no metrics in place and the ratings were strictly anecdotal. However, as more burgers were consumed, it became more difficult to accurately compare the burgers.

We decided it was time to establish a burger rating system and now, 50+ burgers deep, finally have official burger Quest metrics.

The high score is 70 and the parameters are broken down into the following categories:

• Meat (juiciness, flavor, size, degree of doneness etc.) – 10
• Bun (flavor, size, texture, etc.) – 10
• Meat : bun ratio – 10
• Toppings (cheese, lettuce, etc.) – 10
• Condiments (mustard, ketchup, etc.) – 10
• Logistics (How well does the burger stay together?) – 10
• Fries (flavor, size, etc.) – 10

Stay tuned for Burger Quest updates coming soon.

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