Chugga Chugga

This past weekend I rode the Austin steam trainWe rode the Hill Country Flier, which begins in Cedar Park and travels to Burnet. Here’s a picture of the train as we’re waiting to board!

As we were seated, one of the volunteers offered everyone snacks & drinks. The train is run by volunteers – they were all so kind and hospitable, I must add.

Somewhere between Cedar Park & Burnet:

We passed a handful of old Texas towns, such as this one. Only 30ish minutes north, but so very different from Austin.

And P.S. check out the sky. Fall is such a beautiful time of year in Texas. Yes, the summers are insanely hot here; however, when fall arrives and we have 70 degrees temps with sunny blue skies in November…

Al fin, we arrived in Burnet! We had a few hours here to eat, explore, etc.

We had lunch at Tea-licious. I ate a burger. Surprise, surprise. (:

After lunch, we walked around the downtown Burnet square. Again, enjoying the absolutely beautiful Texas fall weather. Each little store had so much character, such as exhibit A:

And, exhibit B:

And exhibit C:

About 30 minutes before we headed back to Cedar Park, they had a little performance/staged gun fight with the Burnet Gunfighters. It was a cute show that had me laughing fairly consistently throughout. (:

After the show, it was time to head home!

On the way home, we were entertained by one of the kindest, friendliest, good-spirited train volunteers. He began with making all of the kids (and many of the adults) various balloon animals, hats, flowers, and swords. He finished with performing a birthday rap for one of the passengers in our car. So cute. Check it out:





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