Climbing Bernal

OH MY GOD I HAVE NEVER BEEN SO SORE IN MY LIFE. Ok, so I’m really not THAT sore, but I am definitely feeling the effects of climbing the second tallest monolith in the world. Today my group went to Bernal which is a beautiful little pueblo at the base of the monotlith. The view is magnificent from the top, but man on man, getting there is quite a challenge.


We left at 9 am for Bernal on an extremely nice tour bus. On the bus we started watching Apocalopto which was interesting because the actors were speaking in an indigenous language and the movie had Spanish subtitles. I enjoyed the movie, until everyone began killing each other and there was blood and screaming every ten seconds. Thankfully, we arrived at Bernal shortly afterward this began.

We climbed up and down the mountain which took about three hours total. It was the most extreme hike I’ve taken in my life. Some parts required all hands and feet in order to not fall down the side of the mountain. I also definitely got my fair share of sun today. I tend to forget A. how powerful Mexican sun is because I’m closer to the equator, B. Querétaro is located 6,000 feet about sea level-far higher than the barely 500 in Salem/Eugene, and C. the rock is even higher in elevation than the city of Querétaro at 6,000 feet!!


Once returning to the town, we had lunch and amazing peach flavored helado! On the bus home we were shown a video of Bernal – one of the first songs on the background music of the movie was Greig’s Holburg Suite…I was thinking..hmm wait a minute…I have played this before! Also, in the town, one of the stores was blasting random music – Tchaikovsky’s Nutcracker, the flight of the bumble, and Spring by Vivaldi.

Got back to our houses around 5:30, and at 6:20 Dan, Sam, and I left for a guitar concert in the centro. The concert was really good – Mom I know you’d enjoy it. When we arrived at the concert, a man offered me his chair and then we began talking…he was quite nice – I guess he studied English in the states and is from Jalisco but now lives in Querétaro. He introduced us to his family and welcomed us to Mexico. Definitely a nice gesture! After the concert, we walked around the centro where were all sorts of giant ranas (frogs) designed by various artists. It was so neat! There were also women dressed up at various locations around the centro giving tours and sharing information about history of Querétaro, etc. It was so neat! Since we had a long day, we grabbed a quick dinner, and headed back home a little earlier tonight.

Anyway, other than that, things are going well. I am not homesick at all (although I do miss you all dearly!) and I cannot believe the first week is already over! Only 15 weeks left. It’s funny, when reminded of loved ones by things, other people, shows, etc., other students here frequently talk about how they miss they boyfriends, girlfriends, best friends, family, whoever. Of course I miss my friends and family too. However, when I hear or see something familiar that sparks memories, it usually has to do with music. I am definitely miss my violin and piano hardcore right about now…I have got to play the as soon as I get home. As we were walking through the centro tonight, there was a violin sitting there and I was so tempted to pick it up and play it. I miss playing SO MUCH. AHH.

In other news…I am so thankful for my host mom’s cooking. Some of the students def. are not as lucky in the food department as I am. Laura, for example, is served hot dogs for breakfast and hot dog sandwiches for lunch. For breakfast this morning, I was served an amazing fruit salad (bananas, grapes, grapefruit, peaches, pineapples, mango, papaya, pears, etc), healthy cereal with soy milk, and these amazing eggs mixed with a delicious sauce, vegetables, and a type of meat. I am so so so so so lucky.

Anyway…in random news…

I saw the Acuaducto de Querétaro for the first time in person today. It is quite stunning!

The brooms here are ridiculous. They are honestly sticks picked up off the street bound together with a strong rope, tied to a pole. It’s ridiculous, but I guess it works!

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  1. Hi Kim,
    It sounds like you are having a wonderful time! I’ll bet you can find a way to play the violin or piano while you’re there; people everywhere love music and are very supportive of musicians. Your host family sounds very simpatica and you are lucky to have such good food! I’m glad you dropped one class; you are so right about giving yourself time to experience life there–that is really your most important “class”, comprendes?? Tell Alisyn to write more on her blog–I love all your details!

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