Colab. Day 2!

Colab. day 2 was spend at eROI. Interesting place – not like any ad. Agency I’ve visited in the past. eROI is an e-mail marketing and interactive agency, which is far different than anything I’ve worked with in the past as aside from this blog and my social network/media sites, I really have minimal experience with the digital/technology side. I spent most of the day shadowing KC, an account coordinator at eROI. One of the tasks of eROI is mass e-mailing for companies, so I learned how that system works (for now, let’s use the term “learned” loosely). For sure it’s a lot more complex than it seems but I’m so glad to be learning. We also worked on some blog posts for a client, which was the one thing I was familiar with and could actually help out, thank you (=

I also sat in on a conference call as well as a collaborating/brainstorming session in the afternoon. I met with Molly in the afternoon who taught me how to use the software I need to use for my first project. All in all, a good first day. Again, the majority of the tasks this agency does is entirely new to me, it’s a lot like learning a new language, but with that, it’s great to be familiar with all sides of the advertising/branding world.

On a side note, it’s always interesting to me to see the layout of the various agencies and how this affects the collaboration/camaraderie/vibe within the office. I’ve visited agencies such as Ogilvy in NY, where everyone has their own office and work space – a much more private/secluded feel while there are other agencies such as Howald + Kalam that consist of one giant room. I would place eROI in the middle – there is one giant room that is somewhat sectioned off – account people together, designers together, tech people together, etc. and those who in a more senior position have their own offices on the outskirts, if you will, of the building.

Random facts about eROI – it has an intramural softball, competing against other Portland Agencies (apparently competition is fierce!), it is the 2-year reigning champion of advertising Battle of the Bands (woohoo!), and people use google chat to talk to one another in the office far more often than the phone…and possibly face-to-face contact…

Anyway, all in all, day one was a great learning experience, day two should be equally as amazing, and in the meantime, go check out Kiwi!!!

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