COLABers Unite!!

This will be short and sweet: the CoLab-ers all got together last night at the PDX mindshare event – quite the experience and fabulous way to network, make contacts, etc.  Aftewards, Allison (project manager from Lattice) and I had a quick meeting to compare and share research results both teams have gathered thus far.  Aftewards, we all got dinner at ChaChaCha’s (good food, I was super excited for pastor meat…it was alright…def. nothing like my beloved Queretaro Pastor, but not bad)…we went to a nearby park to eat and then split our separate ways for team meetings!

Everything with Kiwi is going well, we have a plan of action for out meeting tomorrow and go from there!  After the meeting, Christine and I “worked” which of course we didn’t because after a long day, focusing becomes a struggle.

Interesting sidenote though, we passed a ton of police horse…people? again last night – still weird for me – I am still trying to figure out, what do the police officers do if they are trying to stop someone but the person runs?  Do they chase after them on horseback?  Tie the horse to a pole???  Does anyone know??

Anyway, ponder that while you look at some pictures from the evening…

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