CoLab week 2 realizations

A frequent dream of novice hopefuls in the advertising profession is to work at a large agency in New York City, creating work for “big” clients such as Burger King and Nike. Sounds promising, yes?

If I’ve learned one thing thus far during my CoLab experience (don’t worry, I’ve learned more than one thing…), HOWEVER, the one thing I continue to think about is the importance of finding the right match between individual and agency. I suppose you could almost compare it to dating or relationships in that the individual and the agency (plus everything it encompasses) must be compatible and have that instant chemistry or else the relationship is either A) bound to fail or B) one or both parties will be unhappy.

Advertising is a demanding career, but if you love what you do, where you work, who you work with, and believe in/are passionate about what you’re doing, then it’s completely worth it. Of course it can be rigorous and challenging, but at the same time, it’s one of the only careers (provided you are in the right place with the right people) where you are paid to be yourself and ultimately understand the world around you – it’s about real life, everyday things – people, their habits, passions, etc. I love that in this career you are expected to work hard and put in 150% effort 200% of the time, but you are also expected and encouraged to live life, be interesting/interested, be curious, ask questions, go out and do things, read, observe, travel…and ultimately make a career out of it!

Today at eROI, I was able to sit down with a handful of the employees to pick their brains. Taking all of the great words of wisdom, I think Dylan sums it up best:

– Change is good and you need to explore everything

– Coming to work stupid everyday in an agency will make you a better listener and a better agency person

– If you stop enjoying your job, it’s time to move on

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