Colaboratory, Day 1

Well, the first day finally came and wow what a day. We began the Colaboratory experience with a meeting that included all 10 interns, reps. from all 10 agencies, our client as well as a few others. As there was no time to spare, we were very briefly introduced to each agency and then jumped right into our first activity: dividing into our two teams and picking our name.

After our allotted 15 minutes of collaboration, brainstorming, idea spitting and mind mapping, my team named ourselves Kiwi!

Here’s how the name “Kiwi” came to be.

Kiwi consists of:

Myself & Mary McPherson as Account/Project Managers
Luke Rolka & Christine Vo as Designers
Bryan Davidson as the copywriter

Basically, the setup of the program is: each intern is working with 3 different agencies, spending two weeks at each. We will spend Monday – Thursday at the agency, then all day Friday meeting with our team/creating our proposal for our client: Sameunderneath


Ryan Christensen, the founder of Sameunderneath came to meet with us for the final part of the orientation he gave a kick-ass (for lack of better words) speech about who he is, what he stands for, his company, what it stands for, what he does, why he does it, how he got there, and his plans for the future. Outstanding speaker. (let’s get him down to U of O this year, yes??)

Long story short, each respective team is developing a national campaign, telling people about Sameunderneath, what it is, what it does, what it stands for, etc. etc. – although we’re working to develop this campaign, it’s unique in that our ultimate goal is to let the brand/company speak for itself…

Here’s a team blog to track our progress. From that blog you can find links to our twitter, flickr, youtube, etc. sites. (It’s coming soon, I promise!!)

After the orientation we went to have drinks and bowl – don’t worry, I’m still horrible at bowling (although I did manage a few strikes and spares). HOWEVER…I have concluded that I’d prefer to be bad at something like bowling which isn’t necessarily vital for my survival or success in life…


I was getting off the elevator today in my building and a girl stopped me, asking if my name was Kim Karalekas…I didn’t know her, but I recognized her face…long story short, turns out we were in the same 2nd grade class together in Salem, and now, not only are we living in the same building, and not only are we living on the same floor, but we’re neighbors! Small world!

Also, today’s words of wisdom:

If you’re comfortable, you’re probably not learning.

So, there!

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