Criminal Activity & Faith

In other news…there has been some criminal activity in my neighborhood lately. It makes me a little concerned especially because the neighborhood I live in is not sketchy at all. For example, a few days ago, the house of doctor who lives down there street was robbed. What gets me is that is was in broad daylight and she has a German Shepard, but apparently that didn’t get in the way of the robber. Also, the one that scares me the most is a guy pulled a knife on a woman the other night a street or two away from my house.

I know these types of things happen everywhere, but it is a little nerve wracking to know that it has been happening close to where I am staying. I feel like a pretty big target as it is, being an American female. There really isn’t much diversity here, so when there is someone who looks different here, they really look different – exhibit A: ME.

I find it a little comical…I was talking with my host family about all of the criminal activity and I asked them if they are nervous or scared of everything happening in our neighborhood. They said no and my host dad explained to me that in the Catholic religion, every person has an angel who watches over them, so they aren’t scared because their angel in watching. In response to that, I asked them where the heck were the angels of the woman who was attacked by the man with the knife or the doctor who was robbed and their response was “Quién sabes? Es un mysteria!” This translates to: Who know!? It’s a mystery! HMMM. I don’t know what to think about that (who am I kidding, of course I know what I think of that..), BUT…está bien I suppose. I know we can’t live life in fear, but it’s hard not to when I feel like a big enough target as it is, without all this sketchy activity happening.

Aside from this little hiccup, everything here really is safe! I am hardly ever alone here…I rarely walk alone, and I am always always always aware of my surrounds. I don’t walk down dark streets, I don’t have my ipod on, I usually walk down the middle of the street, and I am conscious of any sketchy behavior (I am saying all this now in a preemptive effort to avoid an e-mail filled with safely advice (-: ).

Anyway, today we are officially ½ way between me arriving here in Mexico, and my return! Crazy how time flies!!! Nos vemos en dos meses!!!

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