Disfrutando La Vida Mexicana

Es viernes!! I had one class this morning from 9 – 10 – composition. After class I waited for Sam for her class to be finished at 11:30 so we could take the bus home together.

In between coming home and comida I had about an hour of free time. Immediately I began planning what homework I could finish in that time or maybe what I could accomplish in that hour. However, I realized, that I HAVE TIME here. The pace of life here is so much slower than back home. It is hard for me to take an hour and just relax and do something not school or work related and not feel guilty, but gosh I was able to read my own book in that hour and it felt awesome! (although yes, I couldn’t feel completely guilt free doing so). Anyway, continuing on…

For comida we had so much food! We had fish (I didn’t eat any, but I know I should…it has the healthy fatty acids…maybe next time!), salad, a different type of pasta, and rice with BANANAS! It was the craziest thing, but it was actually quite good. Of course it was good, my senora is an amazing cook.

So at 3 Sam and I took off and eventually met the rest of the group at 6 at the centro. We talked with some summer students which has made me feel a lot better about classes, etc. I really don’t think I have as much to worry about as I have been worrying about in the past few days.

We met Ana, Ashley, Alisyn, Elizabeth, and Laura in the centro and hung out for a bit…had dinner and saw an art exhibit. We went to a restaurant/bar place with Jesse and Torrin which was awesome because there was a live singer there. It was so nice to see people (natives) sitting in the restaurant just having a good time, taking a break from life. The American lifestyle is so fast paced so often, that is it easy to forget to take a break and enjoy life which is exactly what these people are able to do.


Mural inside of restaurant:

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