El Dia De Independencia En Querétaro!

I was doing so well with updating…what happened?! What happened was I have had the busiest schedule these past few weeks!

As I said before, this past weekend was the Mexican Independence Day and boy was it NUTS here. EVERYONE and I mean everyone celebrates in one form or another. Throughout the entire weekend there are continuous parties, parades, eating, drinking, fireworks – basically anything having to do with Mexico and celebrating and it was happening here in Querétaro.

On Friday night we walked to the centro and it was amazing! Green, white, and red was everywhere! There were musical groups all around the centro, dancing, parades – even a martial arts presentation! After walking around we went to a bar for a awhile and hung out with the kinds from my group as well as some of our Mexican friends.



Saturday I spent all day doing homework because this week was the week for tests and presentations (why did my teachers do that…it was probably the busiest weekend here in Querétaro?!) Saturday night Sam and I walked down to the centro and ran into Dan, Torin, and Jesse there. I cannot even describe the hundreds and hundreds of people who were EVERYWHERE – we could hardly walk or move.


There were lights everywhere, fireworks, confetti, music, entertainment, etc. The grito was delivered at 11 and people went nuts! It was such a neat experience that I can’t even begin to describe in words, but it was one of the most crazy and hectic things I have seen. I almost felt like I was in NYC in Time Square during New Years, only down here in Mexico, obviously. After the grito, we walked to our friend Carlos’ house and ended up having the most random night ever but so much fun.

Here’s Carlos:


I ended up getting home at 5am which I later found out from my host parents is relatively early for the night after the Independence Day. They told me that as they were leaving for church Sunday morning, their neighbor was just getting home from a party. How funny! I wish that sometimes we could celebrate like that in the states!


One thought on “El Dia De Independencia En Querétaro!

  1. You arrived early to your house, I arrived at 11:00am, with day light.

    One semester I had a class that started on fridays at 7:00pm and ended at 10:00pm and continue next day saturday at 8:00am until 12:00pm, and in several ocassions most of the class arrived on saturday using the same clothing and looking like the night before, coming from the party.

    It was a class of Advertising II with a guy that came only once a month to give the class.

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