El Mercado Mexicano y Mi Familia Mexico

Well we’re ½ way through week two. I feel like I just arrived here to Querétaro, but I also feel like I’ve been here for so much longer than a mere 2 ½ weeks.

I am proud to say that yet another person (Sam) has created a blog! I am so proud! (=

First off, I have a massive mosquito bite and it itches like heck!

318 went fine today. We had to write poems in the style of ancient mayans. Boo.
In cross cultural seminar, we took a class trip to one of the local markets. It was an amazing experience. Obviously quite different than here in the states. There were carnerias, panderias…basically any and every type of –ia possible. We saw fruits, vegetables, piñatas, clothing, toys, shoes, and more. The craziest things we saw at the market were #1 a whole pigs head hanging form the ceiling…neck up. Also, we passed a strand with bottles of blood from various animals! ICK!

I got home right in time for comida with my host parents. We had salad, soup, chicken and rice. The most amazing part of the meal was the bread/biscuit type thing we had. It looked like an ordinary piece of bread, but it was stuffed with cheese, tomatoes, and a type of herb. SO GOOD.

After comida I talked with Nacho and Maruca for awhile. 1. Turns out there is a violin museum here which I saw in the centro the other day. My most parents said that here in Querétaro is a violin/viola/cello/ etc. making/repairing school…the only school of it’s kind in México. I am excited to check that out.

Also, they suggested two locations for us to visit on a day trip. #1 – San Miguel de Allende and #2 Guanajuato. Also, last night Jessica recommended we visit la playa de Carmen if we are ever nearby Cancun. So many places to go and see!

I went to Sam’s house to watch I Love New York (for you Tia) and we had cookies and cream ice cream. Yum. I also tried this amazing peach Sam’s mom had made. She had been soaking them in sugar for a few days, put then out in the sun for a few days, and soaked them in some sort of alcohol for a few days. Very tasty.

We walked to the centro after the show ended and hung out and did some work a the internet café with Elizabeth and Torin for a bit, until we left at about 10 to get crepes (my new favorite staple food). Time sure flys whe you’re having fun, because I didn’t get home until about midnight. Yikes.

Well, everything is well. Mom and Dad, I will try and call telcell tomorrow. I emailed you , so check that. We leave for D.F. bright and early on Friday! It should be an interesting trip.

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