eROI, day 2

The unique thing about an agency like eROI is that not only are there the designers creating the designs, but there are also the tech guys who deal with the behind the scenes/technical/digital/coding. etc.Then you have the account people, strategists and accounting/finance people.It’s the biggest left brain/right brain/collaboration/brainstorming/integration/opposite ends of the spectrum, however needs to come together and align perfectly in order to run successfully type of agency.Technical people need to think creatively, creative people need to think technically and both technical and creative people need to have good collaboration and communication skills in order for clients to understand their process, what they’re doing/why they’re doing it, etc.

Interesting, huh?

Anyway, I went around the office yesterday and took some pictures that I’ll be post throughout the next week or so…here are a few!!

This is a nice area to work at eROI (If you look in the background, you can see there are whiteboards in the offices) – love it!

This is upstairs! Behind that glass panel on the left is the SKY meeting room:

This is Donald. And one of two scooters I’ve seen in the office thus far:

This is Charles and Chris. Charles is on the account side and Chris is an intern/ fellow UO student!

And…here is Kiwi! We met after work for our first official COLABoration/brainstorming session.

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