Exploring Belgrano, Buenos Aires

We began today at the API center – here is our Buenos Aires resident director with my colleague Karen:

More API center…

After our time at the API Center, we took the bus over to the Universidad de Belgrano:

Here’s a view I snapped from inside the elevator at Belgrano:

The cafeteria:

And the view from the cafeteria:

We took a mini tour of the building, which ended around the time our students got out of class. Running into our students for the first time with Carmen was perhaps one of the highlights of the day. Prior to this interaction, I knew the students appreciated having an on-site resident director; however, within a matter of moments, it became quite clear how much our students love love love Carmen. Love it!

After leaving Belgrano, Karen and I decided to familiarize ourself with the neighborhood around the school:

Such a beautiful neighborhood – full of trees, museums, parks, incredible architecture…


Finalmente, it was time for dinner! I don’t think I can say it enough, but man oh man, the meals in Buenos Aires seem to keep getting better and better. Here’s my dinner:


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