¡Feliz Cumple!

Jesse, Ali and Ashley are having birthdays, entonces, we had a mini fiesta / pachanga for them!

It began with a traditional piñata. Here is Sam whacking the heck out of it. That thing would not break!

We had some of our Mexican friends at the fiesta – Christian – one of these friends was saying it is funny how Americans go after the treats once the piñata breaks.  lol He said the Mexicans literally dive for whatever they can get and then basically lay on top of it until safety is ensured…whereas we Americans either grab handfuls or (in my case haha) walk around and select  few things, at a leisurely pace (=

So then we had cake. And when there is cake, the birthday boy/girl knows his face will end up in it (thank GOD my birthday isn’t while I’m here! (; lol I would hate that!)

Here’s the birthday cake:

Here are the birthday girls / boy:

I’m sure Jesse is giving some sort of speech here … or reciting some poem he wrote about birthdays (;

American and Mexican friends listening to the birthday boy/girls:

I can’t help but crack up every time I see this picture! After the cake in face event:

After cake and cleanup, we went out to a dance club in Queretaro which was sooo much fun! While we were waiting for the cabs, I guess we had our own mini dance fiesta in the hall of Gabi’s school. I can’t say enough how much I love our group – we are soooo much like a little family / brothers + sisters…I love it. …and to think none of us knew one another prior to this crazy awesome Mexican experience!

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