Field Trip

So the field trip was great! First of all, I forgot my camera! What the heck was I thinking!?!? I just don’t understand myself sometimes. Bah. ANYWAY, our first stop was a beautiful baroque church called Santa Rosa. It’s hard to put into words the beauty of this church, but I am just loving the baroque style. I love all the intricacy, colors, details, and symbolism. We also stopped at St. Agustin which was also a beautiful baroque structure.Querétaro is such a beautiful city…everywhere you look there is something else that is so beautiful or breathtaking.


Mom and Dad, please PLEASE PLEASE come visit me after my program!!! We’ll stay here in Querétaro for a few days, you can meet my host family, and then we can head over to Cancun to visit the beach along with all of the ancient Mayan ruins!!!

After the fieldtrip we walked around the centro for awhile which I still cannot get enough of. It is such an amazing and beautiful colonial city. We went to Biznaca for dinner/ a snack which was again, amazing. I also found my favorite panderia. It’s called la dulce vida (sweet life, hey I love that restaurant in Eugene too!). YUM, I love love love this breaddddddddd.

So I got an e-mail from Mr. Nelson today regarding academy for this upcoming year. I’m not going to lie, I miss playing like none other. It’s not like I practiced for hours a day, but I definitely had my fill of orchestra/violin/piano activities and it was at my disposal basically whenever I wanted. However, here I have zilch, zero, nada and it is killlllling me. Especially now that we’re talking about baroque works in 318 and especially in art, I start thinking of baroque music (hello Bach!) and it makes me want to just pick up and play. Well, I guess I will have to wait three more months for that.

Speaking of months, we reached the one month marker here!! One month down, three left. It seems like I just got here…time is FLYING!!!!!

Speaking of things that fly, let’s talk about mosquitoes and how they LOVE ME. I don’t know what it is, but for the past week, I have woken up each morning with at least two massive mosquito bites. It’s almost a game for me now to try and guess where the next one will show up. All part of the experience. (:

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