Fiesta Festival

So yesterday began with a drive to San Marcos to pick up Matt, continuing on to San Antonio to meet up with KV + KS to attend Fiesta!

On the way out of San Marcos, Matt asked me: Have you ever been to the oldest bar in Texas? My answer was no, so he told me to get off 35 and follow the back roads….we ended up at Riley’s Tavern…in the middle of Texas Hill Country:

Def. a “Texas” experience! After ordering a beer each, we went out to the back of the bar. There was all sorts of crazy stuff out there. Including a horse shoe and washer game. Here’s Matt playing with the washers.

It had just rained, so there was mud EVERYWHERE. Mud + throwing horseshoes and washers = even more mud. Freaking loved it.

There were no bathrooms, but definitely outhouses!

When we were outside, we heard live music coming from somewhere down the road. So of course, we had to go check it out! Following is what we was like a little mini music fest. with people drinking beer, bbq-ing, etc. Love it.

We finally made it to San Antonio…and were hungry. So we went to the Fruiteria. See exhibit A:

What people tell me is right. SA is full of authentic Mexican food. Check out this fruit cup. Felt like I bought it straight from the Mexican streets (;

And these amazing tacos!! One avocado taco, y el otro un taco al pastor!

So we finally made it to Fiesta. Music and drinking and food and trinkets everywhere. Here’s part of it:

Straight from Mexico, I tell you! I was having strong flashbacks of Queretaro yesterday.

So…like I said, there was band:

They played their own music, but they also did a cover or two:

THEN, the best part happened. When the band took a break, they put on dance music…but not just any type of dance music…

There was the Cupid Shuffle:

There was a cicle dance:

There was the Boot Scootin Boogie:

There was also the Cha Cha Slide…I tried to take video while doing the Cha Cha Slide…I think this video is evidence that I shouldn’t do that again (;

The thing I think I like the most about the dancing was that it included everyone – there were kids doing the dances and older people in their 60s and 70s right there with them doing the same dance. I think we all know how I feel about community building…so this was def. a good thing in my eyes (;

There were a number of stages during Fiesta, following is another stage we found. This was probably the most awkward I’ve felt at a concert…just watch the video and I think you’ll know why:

After that we went to explore San Antonio a bit more. The original plan was to hit up the Alamo, so we started walking that way from Market Square. Here’s one of the plazas we passed. I love how many plazas we passed…reminded me so much of Queretaro and how there is a plaza pretty much on every corner!!

More San Antonio plaza action. See the people dressed in indigenous paraphernalia in this pic? WOW. This for sure reminded me of Mexico. During my study abroad in Queretaro, we spent a weekend in D.F. and in the main square there were people wearing the same types of costumbres, doing the same types of rituals.

So we never did make it to the Alamo. However, we did make it to the River Walk…found a nice dueling piano Irish pub to finish the night out.

What a experience yesterday was.!!!!! Love it.

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