Final COLAB Eval

I still can’t believe COLAB is over!!

As this was the first year, I am extremely impressed with the program as a whole – congrats to the COLAB board for bringing such a great idea to life!

With that said, and with a few days to let it all sink in, here’s my evaluation:

COLAB Programexcellent!!!! – the best way to meet a ridiculous amount of industry professionals, fellow students, network like crazy, see the inside of multiple agencies and create a campaign with fellow interns – in six weeks.

Length- Longer, please. (: 9 weeks would be ideal instead of 6, as it was challenging to take on projects at the agencies with only 8 days. Aside from that, with all the networking events, get togethers, parties, etc. – there’s not enough time to take it all in in six weeks…

Time Commitment- Interns need to know the commitment they will be making with this program – between work, interviews, networking events, intern project, etc. – let’s just say, your plate will be very full. (: 

Team– I spent a ridiculous amount of time with Kiwi, but did not have much opportunity to interact with Lattice – next year it would be nice to have more organized events to bring both teams together.

Intern Roles: an idea for next year’s positions:

Account Manager

Brand Strategist

Media Buyer (if there is a budget)

Art Director


In terms of the intern project…

First and foremost, I couldn’t have asked for a better company to create a campaign for. We had so much fun. (:

Because this year the team project vision was a bit ambiguous,  both teams ended up building totally different campaigns in that it seems Kiwi built more of an awareness campaign while Lattice built more of an advertising campaign.

Overall, I  am of both Kiwi and Lattice – everyone worked extremely hard and produced exceptional work. Beyond that, it is not only our work, our time and our effort, but that of everyone who took time to help us at all of the agencies. Without them, their ideas, their workspace and their dedication to making this internship a success, we wouldn’t have been able to have the experience that we did.

Specifically regarding my team…I truly loved working with them all. Everyone pulled their weight, we were all dedicated and worked together [even though that frequently took longer than necessary due to our tangents and inability to focus for more than five minutes (= ] We made sacrifices and helped each other out so that we could create the best campaign possible. We all have extremely different ideas and backgrounds which at first I have to say I felt might be a problem; however, on the contrary, we were able to take our strengths and put them together in order to get the best out of everyone’s specialties. Communication, dedication, and commitment, respect and most importantly the spirit of COLAB was there with everyone on team Kiwi which made all the difference in the world. Whether or not we knew how to do something or find some sort of information, from the initial brainstorming, to the research and strategy, to the artwork and photography, and recap final video – everything was done by the five of us and I’m really impressed with all the skills that were brought to the team by each team member.

Thank to you all my fellow interns, agencies, Jamie, as well as Bram and Amber for keeping track of us during these crazy six weeks!

4 thoughts on “Final COLAB Eval

  1. I’d like to second your suggestion about the length of COLABORATORY. But on another note, I’d like the agencies to let go of their fears of getting us too involved in eight days. A lot can happen in eight days, but I wish I’d have been able to go to another agency. Maybe keep the eight day trend, but add two more weeks to make a 4 agency tour?

  2. Kim:

    Great write up on the process. We will take these thoughts and apply them to the next year to see how we can make it an even better experience. I also want to make the program longer and a richer experience for the interns at the agencies. You were awesome for us at eROI and I wish you ALL the success in the future. But from what I know about you… you will be successful as long as you arrive dumb and leave smart from everything. Listen, learn and create.

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