First Day Of School

In case you were curious, the mosquitoes are still here and biting! I have to go to the store tomorrow because I itch like crazy!

Today was the first day of school. I had Spanish 318/319, Composicion and Comunicacion. I like all of my classes, but I think I will have to drop one of them because I know I have a habit of spreading myself to thin and taking 31 credits down here I think might put me over the edge and, well, also just isn’t necessary. Plus, I want to have time to experience la cultura down here without having to stress about getting everything finished.

As for that hurricane that hit…well, it won’t reach us because we are too far west. I had no idea there was a hurricane…

I got wireless set up on my computer today so hopefully tomorrow I can get online and update and respond to people a little more. Oh and do my homework.

After class I came home and went to the store with my parents. Let me just say, that store has SO MANY PASTRIES!!! Cakes, cookies, cupcakes, fruit tarts, breads, you name it and they have it. Also, I passed more American stores! Office Depot and Office Max to name a few.

I had comida with my parents…we had spaghetti (so good) rice, salad and a mixture of rice with shrimp. I told mi Sra. That I thought seafood was nice, but I didn’t eat it often, so she immediately brought me out a bowl of chicken. Haha. Ugh. Not what I was implying…I felt badly. Note to self!

Also, mis padres are very into recycling! Another plus! You know those plastic bags you put apples, tomatoes, peaches, etc. in at the store? Well, they bring their own bags for that and then their own bags for the groceries. Love it!

I came back and did some homework and then it was time to go to Gabi’s school for art history. Nacho walked Sam and I there. We had class until 6 hung out with our friends from school and then Sam and I turned a 20 minute walk home into an hour walk home because we got lost but that’s ok.

Tomorrow I am going to school by myself! I can either take the bus or walk…the busses here are a little loco for me at the moment and I am actually ok with taking them, but I want to walk tomorrow to see how long it will take. Nacho dice solo treinta y cuarenta minutos pero I don’t know so I am going to give myself an hour and hope all goes well!

More later!!

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