Fitness Flash Mob

What a unique way to build community & raise money for those affected by the disaster in Japan.

H.E.A.T. put together the Fitness Flash Mob: A Tribute to Japan and words cannot describe how amazing it was. We flash-mobbers were to meet at the Long Center terrace a little before 8. Everyone involved donated a minimum of $10 in exchange for glow sticks. Depending on glow stick color, event volunteers placed us in certain positions on the terrace.

We started out with some basic dances and exercises, here you can see a picture of us during one of the routines. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this picture – the combination of the glow stick movement with the Austin skyline as a backdrop…ah!

After several minutes of dance routines, the music changed moods as with the movement – onto yoga. We did several minutes of yoga – and ended with this final pose. In the photo, can you see the Japanese flag we created with glow sticks?

The entire event was so well planned and the symbolism created through the routine…it was powerful. The dance portion of the flash mob, to me, represented a more tumultuous part of the disaster in Japan – much chaos and movement – immediately transitioning into the “after the storm” portion of the routine – yoga. The storm passed, slower, introspective, etc.

Following the yoga portion, we held a moment of silence for the victims in Japan. And just like that, in perfect flash-mob style, one by one, the flash mobbers resumed “real life”. Symbolism for how life continues on, even in wake of such a powerful natural disaster.

Here are some video from the event:

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