Greek Food In Mexico

WELL i know I have an undate on my computer that comes before this one; however, I forgot to save it to my memory stick, so look for it later!! Love you all!

October 24th, 2007

I have become terrible at updating. The more that goes on, the less time I have to update which is terrible.

So since October 14th…

I’ve been doing the same old same old…school, cooking and dance class, orphanage, studying, exploring, etc.

On Thursday we went to a coffee shop where one of our professors draughters was performing on the guitar. Random!

On the 19th…last Friday we went to see a play that Jessica is in!! Jessica, our friend here was in a play in the beautiful theatre se llama el teatre de comicas y lengas. It is amazing because it doesn’t seem like a huge theatre from the outside; however once you enter it is a beautiful theatre ½ way in, and then the second half, including the stage is outdoor! The setting is perfect, and the background of the stage is one of the old church bell towers which is always light up at night. The theater was a dinner theatre and it was a place which is tradicional for this time of year. I can’t remember the exact name of the play, but I enjoyed it, even though I had a little bit of a difficult time understand it, as the words were written in old Spanish. After the play, we went to a discoteca for the first time which was so much fun! I wish we had more of these back home because it’s so much fun to go out and dance with friends!! We also actually did this on Saturday night as well; however, we didn’t like the place on Saturday as much because it was way too croweded and way too smoky. Yuck.

On Sautrday the 20th we went to Sam’s house b/c her host mom taught us to make tamales! The process took about 4 hours total, but it was so worth it! We made sweet tamales with strawberries and raisins, and tamales with meat and some amazing sauce, and a third type with cheese and chiles. I don’t usually like Chiles, but these were amazing!!

Here are Sam, Ali and Liz with a friend of Jacobina, Sam’s host mom. She helped teach us to make tamales too!

Liz myself and Ali working with the tamales. Our eyes were burning bc of the spice, but vale la pena, as they say in Spanish! (=

¡¡¡Los tamales!!!

On Monday the 22nd, a group of us went over the Alisyn’s house to celebrate her bday with her and her senoras. Her senoras were nice enough to buy a cake for Ali…God I love those women – they are so much fun!! Afterward we went to Urban which I love and p.s. we made a new friend there…our usually waitress Betty!


Tuesday night Sam and I worked until 12:30 on our presentation for cross culture. We had to construct a diagram to represent ancient Mexican families, modern Mexican families, and American families…so much fun! Again, how I do love my classes here! We presented our project today…about 30 minutes and it went fine I believe.diarama

In other news, IT IS FREEZING HERE! On Sunday it was SO hot…mid 80’s I’d say, but then Monday rolled around and it was 38 degrees! I was sooo ridiculously cold. The activity on the gulf really affects us here. It’s starting the get better here, thank god.

Also, the best news EVER…my host mom made GREEK FOOD FOR COMIDA yesterday! Holy moly was it as amazing as ever too. We had a Greek salad complete with cucumbers and feta cheese followed by Gyros and tzaitziki…uhhh I don’t think that’s spelled right but you get the picture and it was AMAZING.

Today I have not been feeling that great…I think it’s a combination of the weather and lack of sleep. However, don’t worry, the instant my host parents heard that, the busted out their (herbal/ all natural of couse) medicine, giving me all sorts of vitamins and cough drops. I should be better in no time.

In other news…the Sierra Gorda trip is a month from yesterday, Puerta Vallarta is in 8 days, and I have six weeks left here! AY!

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