Homework, Panderia y Cooking Class

As for homework – this was the week for me. I had a test and a paper due on Monday, a paper and a presentation yesterday, a test today, and a paper due tomorrow. We showed up to school at 9 am Monday morning for our test and were there until 9:15 with no sign of our teacher (she is usually about 10 minutes late to class each day so it wasn’t too unusual). Anyway, Christine comes in to tell us that we will not be having class that day or on Thursday either. Welcome to Mexico, right? I’m not sure what is going to happen with the test…I had studied hard for it too!!!

My presentation yesterday was in art history. Basically, Sam, Alisyn, and I taught the 1 ½ hour class (in Spanish mind you!) about colonial and baroque Mexican art! It was actually an interesting topic to research, but it was a lot of work for sure! I have to teach the class once more – in about a month I think – and that with be with Sheri with the topic of post modern art. Should be an interesting topic as well.

After class we went to a panderia (bad news for me – I have a weakness for bread and the panderias consistently have the best baked bread). AHH we got some bread, headed back to Gabi’s school and studied for my literature examen which was this morning. I’m not sure how it went…I felt ok about it but it was all short answer, so I guess it just depends on if she likes my answers. I’m just glad I knew the answers to all the questions. That class hasn’t been my favorite…as much as I love reading xocuicatl and huehuetlahtolli poems, I could do without the class. Oh well…it’s a requirement for the Spanish major so I don’t have much of a choice.

Oh! Sidenote…we had our first cooking class yesterday! Unfortunately, I had to miss it because we had to prep for our presentation (BOO!). I guess I will just have to wait until next week, but I was just so excited!!! Friday is our first dance class…should be good…let’s hope I don’t have to miss that too!

Tonight my class is going on an excursion to Santa Rosa church – the biggest and most beautiful church here in Queretaro. I am excited for this also because it is a barroco church and I just researched the church for my art presentation!

Also, my family has internet now! I don’t have wireless – I have to figure out of they have wireless and I just need a password or what…? There are a number of networks I can connect to but they are all locked so it would be great of one of those locked networks is theirs! As much as I have enjoyed not having internet here, I have realized how much I do depend on it for everyday activities from checking email, to checking my bank account, to searching for information on school topics or using a Spanish dictionary.

Oh and I met a new Mexican friend in the computer lab today. I don’t know why this comes as a surprise to me, but I am still surprised with how many Mexican students I have met here who have or are going to study abroad. I have met three alone who have studied in England and two more who are leaving for England to study next week.

This week I realized for the first time how long it’s been since I’ve felt stressed! Since honestly I left for Canada at the beginning of July, I really have had nothing to stress about. This week, with all of the stuff I have had going on was the first time I had felt that all too common feeling again. It’s stranage because I consistently had that feeling ALL the time when I lived in Eugene…stress and guilt if I ever did anything fun because I knew I had so much more to take care of…or I needed to rush to work, or rush to finish a project, or practice, or clean, or get to class, or study, etc. Here, granted I don’t have ½ the responsibility I had back home and I know this lifestyle isn’t realistic for everyday life, but gosh does it feel good. It’s nice to be able to sit and watch tv, or read, or walk around the centro, or go out with friends, or even sit here and write this entry without feeling rushed or stressed or guilty for not doing something else. If nothing else, it’s nice to have all the time in the world to do my homework and actually do a good job rather than (excuse my French) but “half-ass” it and do the bare minimum to get by. The way of life is so laid back and slow paced, yet I am getting so much accomplished, I’m learning so much, seeing so many new things, meeting so many neat people, and having so many amazing experiences. I know the second I step foot back into the states it’s all going to come rushing back to me, business as usual, which is really hard for me to fathom…it’s is a completely different world than the one I am currently living in. C’est la vie though, right?

Anyway, I have a meeting at Gabi’s school in about 1 ½ hours and then the fieldtrip afterwards. A little later on this week Alisyn have decided to arbitrarily pick a bus (a nice looking one!), get on, and ride it for the duration of it’s route! What a great way to see Queretaro for only 3 pesos! I feel like I have seen a lot, but Querétaro is a city of 1 million people and there is so much more to see than the few places I have been to thus far. I am so excited!

Also, I have noticed that people here are quite nice. They are friendly and helpful for the most part. I don’t remember if I wrote about the security guard I befriended the other day at my busstop…well anyway, he remembered me from a week or two ago, because when I went to my busstop again and he was out there, he remembered me and took it upon himself to flag down the bus for me again. Although I am fully capable of flagging down a bus by myself (a scary experience at first), it was a nice gesture on his part.

Also, yesterday my host mom put mustard as a dressing on top of our salad and it was actually really good! Also, Sam and I have discovered an amazing ice cream shop on the way to Gabi’s school…yesterday I got rainbow sherbet…it reminded me of childhood…I remember Dad would always take us to the drug store (was it called Savons?) and I would always get a rainbow sherbet. Gosh that seems SO long ago!!!


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