I Miss This

My mom sent me this video of my orchestra from back in 2007.

The group was made up of Sprague Camerata orchestra memebers, Camerata alum + some W. Salem students. We rehearsed 1x a week in Salem, so those of us attending UO would drive up together on Fridays for the 1 1/2 rehearsal and then head back down to Eugene where we lived. Yeah, of course we were tired each Friday afternoon that rolled around, but the benefits we got out of being part of this group made the commute more than worth it. (=

This video is of us, Salem String Academy, performing Bloch’s Concerto Grosso No. 1 for Orchestra + piano, right before we left for our Washington / Canada in 2007.

I will never forget these amazing orchestra memories, and hope that there are more to come, hopefully someday. I freaking miss this stuff.

Here we are:

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