I Want To Be Mexican

Have I mentioned how much I love it here? Well, if I haven’t, I LOVE IT! Of course there are things and people I will always miss back home in Oregon, but I can’t get enough of (almost) everything here!

I’m proud to say that I might have set the world record of how quickly I can get ready. I set my alarm for 5:45 am and apparently turned it off without realizing it until 7:04 am: 6 minutes before I was to meet Dan to walk to the bus stop. Luckily, I had showered the night before, so I quickly threw on clothes, threw my books in my backpack, brushed my teeth and ran out the door by 7:12 am. Not bad if you ask me. However, the moral of the story is: 1. Pack my backpack the night before. 2. Set two alarms. 3. Never hit the snooz button because snooz = bad news bears.

On the way to school, Dan and I nearly died. We were waiting to cross the street; there was one car in the farthest lane from me so I started walking across the street. Well, that van decided to switch lanes towards me…I didn’t realize it until after the fact, but Dan said the van was no more than four inches from taking my face off. Oh Mexican drivers.
Then, as we were walking across the gas station, this car comes tearing around the corner, splashing a giant puddle. Dan was closest to the puddle and jumped about 3 feet in the air, missing the splash…lucky for him or else he would have been muy mojado! (soaked!!!).

School was fine…I had 318 and composición. Sam and I took the bus home after class. I went to Sam’s house for a bit and watched tv and worked on some homework. Jacobina, her host mom, invited me to stay for comida so I stayed and ate with Jacobina, Pancho, and Sam. We had tortillas, rice, beans, and mole verde. It was good, but I am partial to my host mom’s cooking. Oh and side note…Tortillas here…well…I don’t like them. I do enjoy my flour tortillas, but I am not digging the corn tortillas here unless they are somewhat crispy. Oh well, I guess it’s a good thing my family doesn’t eat too many tortillas.

I went back home to work on some homework after comida at Sam’s and worked and cleaned up until it was time to leave at 3:15 for school. I felt bad because I had left my room in complete shambles when I rushed out the door this morning. I was hoping I would get home before Chave came into my room to clean, but she beat me to it, folding all the clothes I had torn out of my closet, stacking all my books, and making my bed. I felt so bad, so the first thing I did when I saw here was apologize and tell her I thought a storm had passed through my room. I swear that girl is always smiling! I don’t talk to her much, but she is so sweet! I was really sad because Maruca was fixing comida as I was running out the door to class. It smelled to freaking good too…something like sautéed garlic. YUM.

Anyway, art history went well…Sam and Elizabeth taught the class and we learned that class was canceled on Thursday. YES! I enjoy the class, but having a canceled class is always acceptable in my book. Next Tuesday I believe we’re doing a “hands on” project i.e. making things out of clay in order to incorporate what we’re been learning about pre-Hispanic art. And you wonder why I love it here. It’s almost like being back in 3rd grade…art projects, no job, minimal chores and responsibilities, no cooking for myself. Not too bad.

So after class was AMAZING. Alisyn met (and I briefly met) a friend named Daniela at the computer lab at school. Well, Alisyn and Daniela planned to meet tonight, so those two, Daniela’s friend Jessica, me, Sam, and Sheri all went out to my new favorite restaurant. This restaurant reminds me of Eugene / Dragonfly Café. It is eclectic, fair priced, and has a loft for people to sit in! I ordered an amazing sandwich and a piña colada (non-alcoholic and it was amazing!!!!) I am just in love with Daniela and Jessica right now! They are so much fun. Daniela actually studied in Eugene for awhile (the reason we began talking) and in Florida for awhile afterwards. Jessica studied in England for a year (which I absolutely LOVE hearing her talk because she has an English accent, as she learned to speak in England…so jealous!) Jessica is an Eng. Teacher at a bilingual school and is also a dancer and a singer. Daniela is currently at school, in the process of becoming an English teacher. After we hung out, the girls drove us home which was an adventure in itself…a fun adventure though to say the least.

I came home and talked with Maruca and Chave in the kitchen for awhile. Maruca was baking a prune bread (mom and dad, I think you would LOVE it!) because that’s what she is teaching her students to bake tomorrow in class. Maruca invited me to join her knitting and cooking classes when I have time which I am THRILLED for! I cannot wait!

Anyway, I came upstairs and showered, watched a little bit of the Frida Khalo movie with Maruca and now I’m sitting here, typing this up and watching the amazing lightening storm we’re having. Because Querétaro is located in central Mexico, we experience the repercussions of the hurricanes on both the east and west coast of Mexico. I sure hope those do pass soon…I know they are causing major problems in many parts of the region. Not good.

Anyway, for tomorrow…in my 318 class we’re going to a café and in my other class, cross culture, we’re taking a fieldtrip to a market!!! How am I going to come back to 2 hour lecture classes with 300+ people with hundreds of pages of reading each night?!?! I am dreadddding U of O….

Mom and Dad: again…you need to come visit me at the end of this trip. We need to go to Cancun, relax, and visit all the historical sights (ancient myan ruins, anyone?!) I am learning about right now in ALL of my classes. It would be a good education experience, you could meet my host family (they want to meet you!), an excellent time to practice my Spanish, a good bonding experience, and a well deserved vacation for you two. Think about it…think VERY HARD!!!

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  1. So cool you are getting to hang out with Queretaranas! What a wonderful experience you are having! I enjoy your blog, Kim!

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