I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead

Deb & Kim are involved with the Greenwashing Index which led to the Greenwashing Forum which took place a few weeks back.  I was lucky to attend this event, learned quite a bit about brands, advertising and authenticity.


Throughout the day, I worked with Max, David, Ricky and Harsha to provide live blogging and tweeting – great opportunities!


A few weeks ago, a bunch of advertising & magazine students went up to visit/tour Nike:



And at Wieden!  Such a smart and strategically sructured agency.  I think I’d love to work there someday…I think.  I’m not sure I would want to start there, as Portland would be an ideal place to settle…eventually.


Check it out, Wieden loves Oregon too (=


To say thank you to Wieden, we filmed a thank you video:

And then there was a week with Merry Baskin from Baskin Shark!  Here’s our welcome to her weeklong stay:


Ignite Portland happened this past Thursday evening!


NVC sponsored Ignite this year, so part of our NVC team and I went up for the event!


So we returned home around 1 am, and at 8 am I had a presentation!  Part of the Merry Baskin week included a planning/research/strategy bootcamp project – 20 of us were divided in five times – we were briefed on Monday and had to plan, research and create a strategic survey regarding sustainability practices.  Here’s on of the teams presenting on Friday:


So…this is where I’ve been and what’s I’ve been doing!  Well…the major events anyway.  Sometimes I question if I’m still taking classes/how I’m able to function as a sane human being?  Love it though, I couldn’t have asked for better opportunities.

3 thoughts on “I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead

  1. > Sometimes I question if I’m still taking classes?

    This was exactly how I felt when I was at brashCreative—too many concurrent clients, projects, events and meetings going on to call it a proper “college” experience anymore. But who cares? Experience and the work is what matters :)

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