Knights of Steel

Along with Hallstatt and Queretaro, Austin has earned a spot on my list of favorite cities. I really do feel lucky to have ended up here through a random twist of fate… At this point of my life, I don’t think I could have asked for a better situation.

Last night was the Austin tree lighting and holiday stroll. The personality and energy of people in this city is insane. The tree at the capitol was light, there were booths, stores were open late and there was live music /performance everywhere: drum circles, singers, collaborative art wall, bands, cloggers. Nutcracker/Tchaikovsky.

As a musician as well as a patron, I love love love being in the center of a city that is so supportive of music. From an ad. and strategists perspective, I’ve also LOVED observing the power music has to bring people together and push ideas/progress forward to create such an outstanding identity for Austin.

Check out this insanely amazing group from a performing arts high school here in Austin:

wow. wow. wow.

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