Lady Gaga

One of the things I love about going home is of course being able to spend time with family & friends. I love love love Austin, but nothing can replace time spent with these people!

As I’ve mentioned, many of the friends I have back home I met through various music groups. Because we’re friends through music, when we get to hang out now, we usually end up doing something music-related.

…which means, when I was home a few months back, my friends and I ended up going out to karaoke. (yes, karaoke can be used as a verb)

My friend Ben opted to sing “Bad Romance” by Lady Gaga. The truth is, I really do not like much of today’s pop. “music” (I quote music, as I don’t think much of today’s music qualifies as real music). However, Ben completely rocked his rendition of “Bad Romance” and for this, I momentarily enjoyed the song. Here’s Ben:

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