Last Day In The States!

Well, it’s finally here…tomorrow is the big day!! I can’t believe beginning tomorrow I will be living in Mexico for the next four months. Ever since I began planning this trip a year ago, it always seemed so far away; however, now here I am, one day out.

Last night Tia hosted a going away party which was quite generous of her and a lovely way for me to be able to see everyone one final time before I take off. As for today, I am just working on packing and getting every last detail taken care of!

I had a few minor…bumps in the road which I am so thankful happened before I left.

#1. My ipod died! (1st world problems) One day after I returned from Europe, it completely died. Thankfully, I was able to re-order a new one from Bridgeport and get everything taken care of.

#2. Courtesy of identity theft and terrible people, I had to close out my bank accounts because someone had tapped into them. Again, even though it was a hassle, thankfully I was able to link my old debit card to my new account because I didn’t have time to wait for a new card to come in the mail.

#3. The credit card I was sent had my name misspelled on the card and I am still waiting for the replacement! I sure am hoping it arrives today.

Anyway, that’s all for now, I’ve got to get packing and run some errands. I am going to run down to the Larson’s to see John and Claire (kids I babysit for) I think for a bit this afternoon. Also, Tia is coming over tonight, and hopefully Nicole will be able to stop by because I haven’t seen her since I moved out of the apartment in June!!

32 hours and one minute until takeoff!!!

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