Learning Spanish Tongue Twisters

School was fine today. We went to a different English class today to practice English/Spanish. Today we worked on teaching each other tongue twisters. My accent is getting a lot better, but it’s funny having people try to correct me. Today my partner, Victor, was trying to get my to improve my “r” and my “j” but it isn’t easy! Regardless, I love going to those classes…next week we are telling jokes in class..I’ll have to find one online!

In my cross culture class we went to the centro where they were having tons of celebrations. It is absolutely amazing how much this town goes all out for the Independence Day. We were at the church and there were fireworks going off, parades, people in costumes, food, cleansings, etc. I was in complete awe: I have never seen anything like this before. It is amazing and it is so beautiful to me how into their culture and their country these people are.

I went home for comida and went back to school for art history. In art history we walked downtown and had our class in various places, looking at art which represents the baroque era (which I love). We went to one church downtown QRO which is absolutely breathtaking and beautiful. It’s so ridiculous because it’s right downtown! I walk by it everyday. After that, we stopped by our teacher’s favorite ice cream store to talk a little more and got our homework back (I got 100% on the two papers I got back! Yay!)


After class, we walked 2 blocks to find a massive parade…people of all ages, shapes and sizes were marching down the street in these beautiful intricate costumes, carrying various altars, playing instruments, dancing, and singing. It was the most amazing parade I’ve ever seen. We stayed at the parade for about an hour and it kept going and going! I don’t know where all these people or their costumes came from, but it was absolutely breathtaking!!!

As this weekend is the independence day and people go nuts here, I have a feeling I won’t be sleeping much because there is so much to do between the demonstrations, parades, costumes, music, food, dancing, etc. My host parents invited Sam and I to attend a party with them on Saturday night for Independence Day.

In other words, my host mom is still an amazing chef. I normally do not like hard boiled eggs, especially the yoke, but this morning she put some sort of sauce on top of the eggs and they were SO GOOD. Also, if you know anything about me, you know I hate celery. Well, she made homemade celery and potato soup and I actually enjoyed it! Go figure, right?


Anyway, I’m beat and I’ve got a ton of stuff going on next week. A presentation in art history, two papers due in art history on Thursday, a test in comp on Tuesday, and a test in 318 one day next week also. Ay dios mio. It’s going to be busy, but it will all get done…hopefully…

Un poco en espanol-

Pues, cada dia mi espanol es mas bien. Cuando primer llegue aqui in Queretaro, pensaba que mi espanol era mala y tenia muchas problems con la lengua. Pero, he vivido aquir por una mes y mi espanol es mas bien. Frequentamente yo hablo en espanol cuando no pensar a hablar en espanol. Anoche llame a Nicole y Tia y todo el tiempo que hablamos, queria dar respuestas en espanol. Me siento mas bien de mi espanol y conozco que tengo muchas mas cosas que necesito aprender, pero me gusta el progreso de mi espanol, y ojala que en el futuro

Alright…well that spanish wasn’t good because I was 1/2 asleep when I wrote it. ohh well, I will write more in spanish when I’m not asleep! Ohh and for whatever reason my computer isn’t allowing me to upload pictures, so there are more to come when I am able to do so!

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  1. Me gusto su espanol! Que fantastico que tu hablas e piensas en espanol mucho! OK, that is probably really poor Spanish, but I think it’s so great that you are learning so much!

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