Learning To Cumbia

It is almost October! I cannot believe September has come and almost gone…where has the time gone?! Although it seems like an eternity since I was leaving PDX, time is just flying by like none other.

So, this week! Another normal week. I had a presentation with Sam on Quinceaneras in Cross Culture which went well. AND, Lulu is finally coming back to teach next week! Yay!

In art on Thursday we got to do another art project! This time Regina brought in a massive bag of supplies and instructed us to make something in the neoclassical style. My group which included me, Ali, and Sam decided to make a replication of a painting we had seen in the art museum on Tuesday. Turned out well. I LOVE art class! We learn so much and it is so much fun. Next art class I get to talk about neoclassic composers and music styles. I am so excited because neoclassic/romantic is my absolute favorite type of music. Tchaikovsky, Dvorak, Rimsky-Korsakov, Chopin, Liszt. I love them all and the great this is I get to bring in music from these composers to share with the class! I am excited to play the Serenade for Strings by Tchaik. Because it’s the actual recording of my orchestra when we performed in Vienna!

After class we had a dance lesson – this week: Cumbia! It was so much fun and I am loving dancing. I cannot wait to go out and test out my newly acquired skills!

Mom and Dad, I am also loving that you can call my cell phone down here! Please call often, I love talking to you two!

Today after class I went to a place called the mall of the Americas with Ali. It was fun, but I must admit, I am missing Target, Trader Joes, Old Navy, and even a US Walmart if you can believe that!!

I love it here but I do miss everyone back home. Tia told me she saw Niki the other day at school and I got so jealous because Niki I miss you!! Also, Tia told me her tap teacher is Gina who I absolutely ADORE and I was jealous again!! Of course I would never give up this experience because it has been one of the best things I’ve ever done, but I wish I could be in both places at once to get the best of both worlds. I wish life worked like that sometimes! (=

I got a bunch of papers and tests back this week and know that I am doing just fine in school! I am learning so much (and its so stress free!). I was really worried about my composition test especially but I ended up getting a low B on the multiple choice part and a high A on the written part which = a high b on the test. Not amazing, but not bad by any means. It’s a little funny…in that class I am currently learning about past participles, gerund phrases, nominal/possessive, etc. which is all stuff I though I would be finished with after I took grammar and the lsdt last year! Guess that stuff will follow me forever!

Other than that, all is well. I wish I was fluent in Spanish, but that is coming, little by little. The thing I am dealing with is…well…because I am a journalism student, I am especially aware of proper sentence syntax, proper grammar, and the use of words in the correct context (sidenote…don’t judge my language skills from my blog posts…not a shining example of my best work – ha!). Anyway, I know here that in every sentence and phrase I say there are mistakes along with my vocabulary of a 2nd grader which is rough on me because in English, my language ability is so different! I am struggling with not being able to express and represent myself in Spanish as I would in English. Granted, I know that I am learning and it will come in time, however; I am not good at being patient and I want it now!!! (=

Well, more later. Pachuca in the morning with my parents and Alisyn! Tonight we’re going to see a music called Monsters! Also, I am getting to be quite the pool shark down here (kinda). Dad, we will have to play when I come home!


P.S. Mom- thank you for the letter…although it was EMO (no emo!), it made my day to get mail from home!! Any little thing from the states puts a smile on my face!!!

More later!!!!!!!

P.S. Everyone needs to eat cactus…it is so good! It doesn’t compare to broccoli, but it comes close!


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