Locked In

Saturday was nice – very relaxed. Funny story, I got locked in my house. I was to meet Alisyn at her house, but when I went to leave, I was locked in. My host parents were at a party and the cleaning lady had left to go home for a few days. Chave, the cleaning lady, had thought that I was gone. Well, the keys to our house are kept outside (safe, I know) and she had dead bolted it from the outside. I was stuck inside, there was no way out – not even any windows to climb out of! I had to call Alisyn and explain to her that I was locked in my house with no way out. Thankfully she along with Daniela and Jessica came to my rescue and let me out. The four of us went to a café (best strawberry smoothie) and a movie afterwards. I love those girls! If all goes well, you will all get to meet at least Daniela when she comes to visit in December!

Daniela y Jessica:

Ali & yo:

Sunday was pretty low key, same with Monday. Monday morning that same security guard remembered me and flagged down a bus once again. So nice! Monday was St. Mercedes day so all day there were celebrations and parties. At night there were massive fireworks going off. I feel like there is always a celebrations going on. On Sunday there was a concert set up downtown which I have taken a picture of!

Today was fine. We finally had a composicion class (our profesora didn’t come to class all last week). She was 30 minutes late today, instead of her traditional 15. Interesting. Anyway, we also had our examen today which was scheduled for last Tuesday (even though we haven’t had class to review for over a week!!!) I’m not sure how it went…we’ll see.

After class Alisyn and I went to the orphanage to begin our volunteer work. The kids are so cute but boy are they a lot of work! They were instantly all over us. It is so gratifying to help people – especially kids and especially those kids who need to extra attention. We were there for two hours and by the time the two hours was up, although it was fun, Ali and were both exhausted. AND, my hair was sticky (lets sure hope it was just jugo and nothing more!!!)

Today in art we went on a fieldtrip to visit various neoclassic inspired buildings. Queretaro is filled with such beautiful architecture and the churches are beautiful inside and out.

So today during comida the radio was on and Chopin came on. I recognized it, but I especially recognized it because it was a song that YOU mom played! Chopin’s Nocturne #1 in B minor. My host family and I began talking about music and whatnot and for whatever reason, I got super emo and homesick for that little bit. I miss playing, I miss orchestra, my violin, piano, jamming with Tia, and mom hearing you play. I haven’t gone four months without all of that stuff since before I can remember…before kindergarten and now here I am – missing all of it! I am completely fine and the feeling has passed but my god I am dying to get back to playing. It’s killing me but esta bien.

Well, more later!!!

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