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I’m a huge fan of Matador Network– not only as a travel blog, but as a social network, a magazine and really just as a solid brand. A few sentences from Matador that wonderfully define it’s mission:

We use media and technology to bring people together and inspire the next generation of world citizens. MATADOR-ians are explorers, linguists, entrepreneurs, writers, filmmakers, photographers, activists, and adventurers. Our company and our brand seek to serve this community of people and act as a catalyst for them to get out in the world and do great things.

Last night I had the pleasure of attending Matador’s Austin meetup. Hal Amen & Lindi Horton of Matador coordinated the event that look places at Contigo Austin.

It was a wonderful opportunity to meet fellow travel-writing enthusiasts in the Austin area. I always find it so intriguing to chat with travel writers, as many have had such interesting experiences and unique stories.

With this said, I must take a moment to reflect on the amazing drink/food Contigo Austin has to offer. I ordered the Maine Root Cactus Fruit Lemonade – it was PINK! The best way to describe the taste? Well, it taste exactly how it looks:

My co-worker, Chelsea, ordered the Crispy Green Beans. Yum:

Toward the end of the event, we partook in a travel-themed trivia activity. We were each given a 3×5 card, a Sharpie, and were instructed to write down our guesstimate of the distance between Austin, Texas and Adelaide, Australia (one of Austin’s sister cities) in miles as well as flight duration (direct flight, no layovers!).

Here’s Lindi looking at some of the guesses:

And speaking of guesses, guess who had the closest guess for flight duration? ME! I quite honestly wasn’t expecting to be anywhere close, but apparently I got within 7 minutes. Must have been my lucky night! (;

They had prizes for the two winners – here’s mine wrapped in (adorable) owl paper. What could it be??

A Moleskine!! I love love love Moleskins. This one is travel themed – location, Tokyo! I’ve not yet visited Toyko, though it is on my list of places to visit. Perhaps this is a sign that a Tokyo trip needs to happen sooner than later. (;

So there you have it. Travel, good people, delicious food/drink, great local venue, inspiration, travel trivia and moleskins. All in all, an awesome travel writing themed night. Thank you again to Matador Network, Hal & Lindi! (:

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  1. Damn, those beans look delicious. And I can’t stop looking at that pink drink and thinking of the taste of a Singapore Sling cocktail. Am I even close? :)

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