Mexican Bus Adventure

Once upon I a time I lived in Queretaro, Mexico. Ali and I were leaving the orphanage where we volunteered by bus to reach our final destination of our cooking class, located on Ezekial Montes. Long story short, we accidentally forgot to get off the bus on Ezekial Montes…no big deal we thought – all buses routes are in a giant loop – right? Wrong!

An hour later, Ali and I were still on the bus, passing many unfamiliar sights, including some sort of farming location where I saw camels and zebras tied to the back of a sketchy trailer.

Eventually, Ali and I are the last passengers on the bus – the bus drivers pulls over and tells us we’re at the end of the line. Ali and I look at each other with wide eyes and slowly gather our belongings, not quite sure what to do. We gradually make our way up to the front of the bus, finally breaking down and telling the bus driver we are insanely lost and have no idea how to get back to civilization.

Thankfully the bus driver was extremely nice and friendly, telling us we could stay on his bus and his returning route would take us exactly where we wanted to go! We turn around and sit back down, making small talk with the driver. Somehow – I’m still not sure how – but we end up talking about music and before we know it, Ali and I am flipping through the bus driver’s c.d. collection – deciding which music we’re going to listen to on the way back to familiar territory. After a tough choice between many famous latino artists, we finally settled on Selena – oldie but goodie. Shortly after this decision, we took off back towards the centro, singing along to “Bidi bidi bon bon” as well as “Dreaming of You.”

Sadly, we missed our cooking class, due to unforeseen circumstances, however on the positive side, Ali and I made a new friend, saw parts of QRO we would have never otherwise have seen, and we were able to try the new Italian restaurant near her house (it was delicious! – the pesto a LITTLE spicy though!)

More of my Mexican adventures to come…

2 thoughts on “Mexican Bus Adventure

  1. I remember this day like it was yesterday, and boy do I wish I could go back! Even though that was probably one of the sketchiest times of my life, I can’t imagine who I would have rather shared it with!

  2. Yo tambien!! We can go back…and probably should too. Podemos vivir juntos y visit my family and your senoras! I’m already packing my bags actually.

    and p.s. I think a crucial part of the story I failed to mention was HOW the bus drier re-started his bus. We were sitting there chatting with the driver, mid-sentence the guy randomly grabbed a wrench and got off the bus…and proceeded to get under the bus and voila, the bus started. he started the bus with a wrench…sketch/awesome. (=

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