mexperience reflection

“¡Bienvenidos a la ciudad de México!  En un rato, vamos a . . . ” 

What the hell is going on?  And what the hell are these people saying?  Why am I the only white person on this airplane?  

Nothing anyone says about studying abroad can prepare you.  Jump in, face first.  Mess up.  Love it.  Hate the barriers.  Love the barriers.  Love the freedom, hate the free time.  Time that allows you to reflect.  Reflections on everything that was once familiar.  Familiarity is a foreign concept.  Conceptions, realities, everything is different.  

 Leaving everything & everyone at home is hard.  It is more difficult to realize everything you thought you were, you perhaps are not?  Maybe not everything, but alot of things.  Find a part of yourself you never knew was missing.  Take away everyting familiar – family, friends, money, food, school, language, plumbing, music, culture, religion, your house, your car, your stuff. Your life.  Now, try to figure out who you are.

Welcome to the test we call life.  There are no cheat sheets.  It’s sink or swim.  Figure it out quick.  Be confused & scared and then begin to live.  Love your new friends, hate your old friends.  Forget everyone.  Miss your old life. Miss your old friends.  Embrace new friends.  Live new lifestyles.  Love it. Hate it. Learn.

The best time of my life.  Minimal responsibilities.  New culture.  Exploring and appreciating things I never knew.  Disconnected from technology.  Connected to life.  Finding that sweet spot we sometimes call balance.  

What do you do when you step into a world where suddenly you are the minority and you don’t understand. surreal. blurs. Did I really get into a car from the bus station with a Mexican couple claiming to be my host family?  Who in the world is this random family I will be living with for four months?  …and how did they end up some of the most amazing people I’ve met in my life?  

Mexico feels like home.  One of them.  Amazing and caring people. Beautiful culture.  Rich history. Spirit, expression and passion.  Time.  Less is more.  Ignorance is bliss?  

If you aren’t scared or uncomfortable, you aren’t learning.  Be uncomfortable.  Get over it.  Love the experience.

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