Mis Clases Mexicanos

Well, school was canceled today because they were afraid of flash flooding (Querétaro has a terrible drainage system). HOWEVER, it was sunny today!! I went to a shopping center with Elizabeth, Sam, and Alisyn. We got cell phones which I am very excited about…it will be so much easier to keep in touch with one other. AND, my phone is hot pink. Oh and also, I can receive calls from anywhere in the world for FREE (meaning it cost you, but not me)! I would love to hear from anyone and everyone back home. If you buy phone cards online (www.ibuyphonecards.com for example) you can buy minutes to mexico for as cheap as two cents a minute.

My phone number is:

011 521 442 362 6681

Feel free to call. All calls are welcomed. (:

In other news, I dropped my conversation class. That still gives me about 26 credits…I love the class but I have spent too many terms with too many classes. This term I want to have time to explore the city and the country and enjoy the culture and NOT be locked away at the library, which has pretty much been my life for the past two years. Although I did like the class, I don’t need it to meet any requirements…so I dropped it!

Nicole – thanks for the e-mail!! It was so exciting to hear an update from you! Sam and I stopped by a pilates place today…I think we might start taking classes!! I am so excited for our runs, it will be crazy. And p.s. I wish you were here…the food is ridiculously good and my host mom makes the best pasta I’ve ever had.

Mom and dad- thanks for the e-mail updates! Try calling my cell phone and see if it works! We have been having problems with the phone numbers so if it doesn’t work, don’t freak out juts send me an e-mail and we’ll figure it out. I was going to get a sim card for my phone, but there was a special promotion so it was less expensive to get the new phone. Plus, the new phone has a sim card, so I can always switch it if necessary.

Well, more later. E-mails are always welcome (hint hint). (:

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